Hello, blogosphere!

I’m really not sure how to kick this whole thing off. So I will start with something random.

A few months ago, my mom and I went on a mini vacation to the beach. While we were walking along the shore, I spotted a wine bottle. Every time I see one, I hope there’s a message in it. From a kindred spirit from a faraway land (or a hottie ala Sawyer from Lost; I’m not picky). This bottle indeed had a message in it! It had a rubber cork, though, and I almost couldn’t get it open. This was slightly maddening. Then I discovered that the Mysterious Message was in a plastic bag. Even more maddening! For future reference, getting a plastic bag out of a wine bottle when the only tools you have for extraction are limp strands of kelp is no easy task.

But I finally got it!

The strangest thing about this? The 3rd of October is my birthday! (I found the note in August.)

I’m a sucker for (purposefully) bad poetry.

And that’s your bit of randomness for the day.